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Sandblasting & powder coating service

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Premier Powder Coating Wales offer a shot blasting service from the smallest part up-to parts of 30 ton, on our 2-acre site we have the space to accommodate any size, shape and weight that you require.

Sandblasting & Shotblasting Services

shotblasting sandblasting westwales‘Sandblasting’ or ‘shot blasting’ are common terms used for what is really ‘Media Blasting’- The type of media used varies depending on the work surface; a great process for the removal of rust, built up and ground-in dirt, paint, varnish, and many other applied coatings, the process leaves a clean etched finish and is ideal for preparing metal ready for the application of new protective coatings.

Sandblasting is used to help remove grime from the likes of steel and timber.

We are often asked to sandblast quite intricate objects. This is something they are well qualified for, as they are used to sandblasting small lettering on the stone signs.


Shot blasting is eco-friendly

sandblasting west walesShot blasting eliminates the use of non-eco-friendly and harsh chemicals

Once a surface has been shot-blasted it is free from chemical deposits, scales and dust content. Not only does this benefit you but it also benefits the environment as no harsh chemicals are used that could harm the environment. Blast cleaning your metal parts restores them to their original state and makes them look new, this is a much better option for the environment than throwing them away and buying a new one.

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I bought the Ford Escort MK1 Silhouette as a gift during Christmas. Very happy with it thank you

Geraint Evans

I recently purchased via Facebook the large hanging dragon. It looks great on side of our house in the garden. A pleasure to deal with. Many thanks.

Jill Richards

Contact Premier Powder Coating Wales to bring my rally car parts back to life. Great Job thank you. I fully recommend you.

Dafydd Edwards

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